Affordable Makeup Brands in Pakistan

10 Affordable Makeup Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the cosmetics business has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. I'm sure most of us are familiar with Pakistani cosmetic brands like Medora, Miss Rose, etc. when it comes to skincare and makeup. Your beauty routine would most likely end here if you lived in the 1990s or early 2000s. But today, there is a tremendous change in makeup trends and makeup products in Pakistan with its own produced top-notch makeup goods.

It's difficult to make the appropriate makeup choices. Formulas don't always live up to their names when it comes to your complexion, skin tone, undertone, and texture. On the other side, there are a plethora of cosmetic manufacturers trampling the makeup aisles and brand advertisements bombarding our screens on a regular basis. After all, how does one choose the greatest makeup brand?

It's also worth mentioning how we all waited for someone to return from the UK or the US with our long list of high-end beauty products. Today, a plethora of fantastic Pakistani cosmetic companies have made it simple for us by designing low-cost cosmetics. They're not just a click away online, but they're also available at local malls and brand shops around the country. High-end brands, while valuable and valued commodities in our cosmetic kits, often require us to sell our souls in order to buy them, as any makeup devotee – or even casual user – will agree. And then there are often issues with matching the right foundation with your skin tones. Pakistani brands are tailor-made for our beautiful natural skins and it feels like we don’t have to further depend on the imported brands to feed our makeup demands. 

Makeup Brands in Pakistan

We have some excellent Pakistani makeup brands, each with its own line of items, some of which are cult favorites. We have the expensive ones and the dirt cheap ones, which make you feel pretty good about your money spent, and they can definitely compete with the imported brands we buy from other countries. Let’s have a look at 10 affordable makeup brands in Pakistan.

1. Miss Rose 

Given the excellent costs and reasonable product quality, Miss Rose is an old favorite when it comes to local brands. It is safe to say that every woman has at least one Miss Rose product on hand in their home. While it sells a wide range of cosmetics, it is best known for its lipsticks, which come in a wide range of colors, mascaras, and kajals.

miss rose logo

Recently they have launched their primers, brow gels, and many other products. A number of famous bloggers are using and recommending Miss Rose products and making them their holy grail for daily use. It is the most affordable brand in Pakistan and its products are available easily online and in local markets. 

2. Medora 

Medora reigns supreme when it comes to a vast spectrum of lip hues and textures. In the humid conditions, Medora's lipsticks are unquestionably ideal for Pakistani women. They not only endure for hours, but they also require very little maintenance for long-lasting usage. Just a little amount does the job! Medora is a great alternative for Mac lipsticks since it has unique tints and colors that you won't find anyplace else.

Medora logo

Medora lipsticks are the most affordable makeup to exist. It will cost you only 200 rs for each lipstick. They are great to hoard for girls who are about to get married because they can have a huge variety at such a little price. Medora's nail polishes are another top-of-the-line product. They are also extremely inexpensive, and long-lasting.

3. Masarrat Misbah 

This brand is now truly deserving of praise. It is a well-thought-out and well-researched initiative that caters to the makeup demands of Asian skin tones, with special attention paid to the composition of their cosmetics as well as the quality of the colors and pigmentation.

 Masarrat Misbah logo

The shade range is suitable for all Asian skin tones and takes into account South Asian skin issues such as humidity. We adore it so much that it's virtually always out of stock! It's worth noting she was one of the forerunners of a high-end cosmetics line designed specifically for Pakistani complexion. Above all, if you want great coverage and a long-lasting finish, MM foundations are the way to go.

4. Luscious Cosmetics

Luscious Cosmetics is a local brand that recognizes how to benefit from the global latest trends of makeup and beauty and efficiently markets its goods in an environment where international brands are more prominent.


Meherbano Sethi, the brains of Luscious, took advantage of the recent contouring craze and created a contour kit for Pakistani women that is both simple and adaptable. The brand's shimmers, blushes, and foundations are also popular, and the skin tones of the target audience are taken into consideration when developing the product, especially while pigmenting the foundations.

5. Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK is unquestionably one of the best Pakistani cosmetics brands available. In recent years, it has gained so much popularity that not only the middle class but upper-class people cannot resist using it.

Rivaj logo

Their nail paint, lipsticks, and eye shadows come in a variety of colors, and their crushed highlighters and blushes give you that finishing shine to complete your appearance. Moreover, they also have a range of skincare products available in every pharmacy and store.  Rivaj UK's products are super light on the pocket and long-lasting. 

6. Beautify By Amna 

This is an amazing beauty brand made for beauty enthusiasts. Beautify by Amna by Suleman includes a stunning collection of blushes, moisturizing and glowing serums, foundation, and foundation primers, among other things. Summer call, beside the ocean, the holiday ‘rose gold' palette, and the holiday pink palette is among the wonderful eye makeup palettes.

Beautify By Amna logo

The brand also sells lash scissors and lash applicators on their website, as well as highly voluminous lashes. Although the prices are a little high, the items speak for themselves from the first use.

7. Sapphire 

Sapphire Pakistan, a famous clothing brand, recently released its beauty line, and it immediately became a hit. The products appear to be long-lasting, cost-effective, and can readily pass for high-end makeup brands. The gorgeous hues they offer in lipsticks and lip pencils are what many women adore the most.


Lip stamps come in a wide range of colors and textures, from lip contour pencils to lip crayons to lipsticks and lip glosses. They cost around 990 rs to 1500 rs maximum, which is affordable by many. They are considered to be reasonably priced, given that they last for more than 5 hours.

8. Zayfied 

Zay beauty brand is relatively a new makeup brand in Pakistan. In a knick of time, the brand has gained so much fame in the list of famous makeup brands. Women are crazy about their lip colors that are vibrant and long-lasting.

Zayfied logo

Other than lip colors, zayfied products range also includes blushed, highlighters, and eyeshadows palettes. The products are neither too expensive nor too cheap. Every product is worth the penny. 

9. Sweet Touch 

Sweet Touch is one of Pakistan's most popular and well-known cosmetics brands. Its items are inexpensive, readily available, and long-lasting. Sweet Touch offers a comprehensive range of makeup items to suit all Pakistani skin tones and women of all ages.

sweet touch logo

Sweet Touch is a vivid flash of color among Pakistani beauty brands, known for its wide range of cheap nail polish colors. Mehran Enterprises first released it in 2001, and it has since been involved in the production of a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching manicure, lip, and eye products. It is most famous for its nail polish range. It is also inexpensive and easily available in markets. 

10. Odho Cosmetics

Odho Cosmetics, founded by a Pakistani actress Atiqa Odho in 2003, is another indigenous makeup brand that has progressively grown in popularity in the country and is regarded as one of the most popular cosmetic brands in the country.

AtiqaOdhoBrand logo

Odho's lipsticks are timeless, and it also has a huge variety of blush and eyeshadow range to suit your every desire. Furthermore, all goods are created with halal materials. The products are also super affordable for most Pakistani women. 

Look glam with these top-notch makeup brands. 

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