Top 10 Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Top 10 Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Makeup brands in pakistan

Makeup artists are very choosy when it comes to selecting makeup and this is one of the reasons why a number of makeup brands have been introduced, keeping in mind all the requirements of the makeup artists.

The top 10 makeup brands in Pakistan are discussed next. Fasten your seatbelt to have a virtual tour to the top makeup brands here because you’ll be looking for them for some reason one day.

  1. Mac

Macintosh, known as Mac provides it’s customers with quality rich makeup products. The brand considers the needs and requirements of people belonging to a variety of classes and hence is considered among the top 10 brands in Pakistan.

  1. Revlon

Revlon is another name in the list of top 10 makeup brands in Pakistan. It is popular for it’s diverse range of lip shades and other cosmetics. The brand has won the trust of people by providing them with quality makeup products that are both effective and harmless to skin. Revlon also offers a wide range of hair dyes and is cost friendly so people belonging to all kinds of status can afford its products.

  1. Maybelline

Maybelline is a very prominent name all over the world. It serves people with it’s wondrous m weakeup products that beautifies the skin of people in very affordable cost. It’s products are not harmful and hence can be used on different occasions.

  1. Clinique

Clinique is another top makeup brand in Pakistan. It is a world renowned restorative brand offering products that are dermatologically tested and proved to be gentle to skin. People can buy the makeup products as per their skin requirements to make their skin look even beautiful.

  1. LO'real

L'Oreal is another amazing makeup brand that counts in the top 10 list. The brand began it’s journey with hair products and then kept adding products. L'Oreal is regarded as the best brand among other makeup and cosmetic brands due to the splendid results of it’s products.

  1. Essence

Essence is an America based brand known for manufacturing and importing quality products all over the world. Not only its products are amazing but the price is pocket friendly too. You can easily find essence products in all leading stores of Pakistan.

  1. Oriflame

Oriflame established in 1967 is considered as one of the top makeup brands in the world. The perks of buying oriflame makeup products lies in its guarantee of providing skin friendly items that not only plays the role of beautifying skin but also restoring skin.

  1. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is another prominent name in the top 10 makeup brands in Pakistan. It is an American based brand that was introduced in 1996. It offers a range of makeup products with Glide on Eye and Shadow Pencils being the most common ones. The customers are crazy for its Naked makeup palette series too.

  1. Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK is a name we all have heard a number of times around us. It is a well renown brand in the world of cosmetics. It won’t be wrong to say that we have used it at least once in our lifetime. It provides it’s customers with high quality makeup products available in very economical costs. The brand offers a wide range of makeup products including eye shadow palettes, lip liners, lip sticks and so on. Rivaj also has a clothing line which is considered one of the best clothing brands in Pakistan.

Since the ingredients of it’s makeup products are in accordance with the standards of European Union Cosmetics, it is considered as one of the top Pakistani makeup brands.

  1. Avon

Last but not the least, Avon is another high rated name in the list of top 10 makeup brands in Pakistan. It supplies it’s products all over the world. Avon provides it’s customers with quality makeup and never disappoints them.

These are the top 10 makeup brands in Pakistan. So what brand are you shopping next time?





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