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Auto Cool Solar Powered Ventilation System

Auto Cool Solar Powered Ventilation System

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  • Powered By: Solar Energy
  • Size: 14.8 (L) X 11.2 (W) X 6.3 (H)cm

Solar powered car fan?provides a cool environment when your car is parked in sunlight or heating temperature. often you leave your siblings in the car and you have to turn on AC until you come back. This car cooling fan keeps your car cool and your siblings can sit relaxed in the car and it does not required any battery to operate it is auto powered through solar system builtin inside.Buy Auto Cool Solar Car Ventilation System in Pakistan | GetNow.pkSOLAR POWERED CAR COOLING FAN | ORDERIT.PKSolar Powered Exhaust System Auto Cool Car Ventilation Fan, कार वेंटिलेटर -  Galhotra Sons, Delhi | ID: 15241880197Solar Powered Auto Cool Fan – HomeGeenyus

IngredientsAuto Cool Solar Powered Ventilation System

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