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Door Seals Double Sided Insulator Noise Blocker For Home.

Door Seals Double Sided Insulator Noise Blocker For Home.

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Product Description

Door Seals Draft Stopper Double Sided Door Insulator Self Adhesive Tape Seal Noise Blocker For Bedroom Door Seals For Home

Bullet Points:

1、SE efficient sealing: Our double-sided door draft stopper effectively prevents ventilation and cold, and avoids noise, wind, odor and pests.
2、Universal: Our door draft stopper is 90 cm long, which can be cut to the required size with scissors as required, and it is the best solution for windproof design on windows or doors.
3、Easy to install: Just use it under the door; the air plug is very easy to use. Door seals are self-adhesive.
4、Application: Use door rollers for noise protection, tensile protection or insulated material for each door. The door pull stopper pillow is also suitable as the lower door slats for sealing each door, patio door and balcony door.
5、Environmental protection: Greatly reducing energy consumption. Especially at the front door, our door draft stopper is truly protective! The door stopper and pull stopper are brush strips, which can perfectly seal the door gap


Black Windproof door draft stopper 90cm door seal

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simply push the draft stopper without drilling, screwing or gluing under the door leaf and the door insulation is ready!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Thanks to the double-seal pull-through stopper, less heating is required, saving energy and protecting the environment!
  • PRACTICAL EVERYDAY: With a draft stopper for the door, you can easily and effectively avoid draft, insulate the cold, save energy and reduce noise!
  • SAVE MONEY: The door seal with two insulating rollers ensures that heat stays inside and out! Reduction of heating costs!


Material: sponge
Colour: black
Size: about 90cm * 10cm * 2cm/35.43*3.94*0.79in
Weight: about 90g

IngredientsDoor Seals Double Sided Insulator Noise Blocker For Home.

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