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Creative Multi-function Bottle Opener

Creative Multi-function Bottle Opener

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This multi functional can opener makes it easy to open cans, bottles and cans!

Don't worry about opening cans of all sizes anymore!

Wide application: this can opener tool can be used for bottle opener and can cover, with a diameter of about 0.98 inches ~ 2.76 inches (2.5 cm ~ 7 cm), and can be used for cans, jam, beverage bottles, open express, etc. Necessary for any kitchen.

Easy to use: it is ideal for hands with arthritis, the elderly, anyone with limited hand strength, anyone with long nails, and anyone looking for a better, faster and simpler way to open all sealed containers in the kitchen

Size: 19.5cm * 9cm  

IngredientsCreative Multi-function Bottle Opener

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