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Dr rashel Whitening Spotless Ampoule Serum (Set of 7)

Dr rashel Whitening Spotless Ampoule Serum (Set of 7)

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1. Our Whitening Spotless Ampoule effectively eliminates pigmentation, dark spots and melanin, as well as to promote brightness and a visibly even skin tone for you.
2. Rich in Glutathione, Glycerin and Beta-Glucan, this skin-calming essence is antioxidant-enriched which immediately defends your skin against pollution and environmental damage, preventing sagging, wrinkles, and dull skin tone.
3. Formulated with highly-concentrated hyaluronic acid and spot defense complex, the freshly sealed individual packaging ampoule enhances reducing discoloration, deep moisturizing and anti-aging cell repairing.
4. This silky, brightening facial essence is a must-have item for aging and dehydrated skin, which rejuvenate your skin with a look of dewy translucence, smoothness, and plumpness.
5. Promotes a visibly even and skin tone. Boosts anti-aging & skin cell regeneration. Highly-concentrated brightening & spot defense complex. Anti-wrinkle & maintains an great moisture level.

IngredientsDr rashel Whitening Spotless Ampoule Serum (Set of 7)

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