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Dr Rashel Women/Men Hair Removal Cream

Dr Rashel Women/Men Hair Removal Cream

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Hair Removal Cream

Cream hair remover from Dr-Rashel new formula gently removes hair, and just 5 minutes added to 24K Gold & With Baby Oil, to get the skin soft and smooth. Suitable for use on under the underarms legs and bikini area. For normal to dry skin.

Method Of Use : Apply directly to the skin using a skin scraping for that. The individual must be free the cream and plentiful enough to cover the entire hair, you must not forget cream on the skin. Leave the cream for five minutes is measured accurately, and the small space is chosen using a new rubber skim if the hair is removed easily, removed the remaining cream and then rinse. well with water and drying cream and if required can be left longer, but the entire process must not take more than ten minutes. examines spent depends on the density of the hair. 

?Caution : The outer cover, and the packaging must be maintained by all instruction and alerts. We should follow the caution of use. Keep away from the reach of children. Suitable for underarms, legs, bikini line, and fits the face, scalp and chest and the surrounding area with anal and genital organs, or any other area. Before each use, must choose a small area of skin first. If there were any adverse reaction within 24 hours, continue practical usage. Do not use the moles and spots and skin irritability or which sun hurt if the conjecture that you palm or tingling or irritation during use, you must remove the cream immediately, and rinse with water. If this continues, feeling they should seek medical advice. After use, must wait 24 hours before use by an odor eliminator race or in products, aromatic, or take a sunbathing. Do not use again, 72 hours ago you should avoid the arrival of cream into the eyes, if this happens, rinse eyes with water and seek medical advice. You should not leave the product come in contact with anything else in case of damage or change the color. In such an event must be clean water immediately.

IngredientsDr Rashel Women/Men Hair Removal Cream

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