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Hand Pressure Pliers For Prong Snap Button

Hand Pressure Pliers For Prong Snap Button

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The pliers are easy to use, suitable for installing hollow or solid buckles, light, and exert good pressure on them.
There are 10 colors; you can easily match the item to the color you want.
Just buckle the buckle and the male buckle, and then press it with pliers.
Application: It can be used in clothing, bags, handbags, shoes, etc.


How to use snap pliers:
1. If you use the fork ring slot for snapping, place the fork closing ring on the bottom side of the fabric hole. If you are using a post type, pass the rod of the sealing sleeve through the fabric.
2. Place the socket on the snap closure on the other side of the fabric. Slide the jaws of the snap pliers to each side of the snap assembly.
3. The flat part of the pliers should be below the closed part of the snap. Squeeze the pliers with both hands until you hear and feel the snap assembly firmly fixed.
4. In some applications, it may be necessary to keep the bottom jaws on a flat surface and tap the top jaws lightly with a rubber hammer, especially when the material is thick.
Size: Hollow snap ring outer diameter: 9.5 mm / 3/8 inch
Outer diameter of solid snap button: 10mm / 0.39 inch
Colour:As shown

IngredientsHand Pressure Pliers For Prong Snap Button

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