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Instant Hair Volumizing Cover Up Powder

Instant Hair Volumizing Cover Up Powder

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Instant Cover & Color: Covers up gray hair roots efficiently as it blends seamlessly with the natural hair color, quickly invigorating its looks.

Mess-Free & Easy To Use: Open the puff in the bottom, dip it on hair powder, and gently tap along the hairline. You can use your finger to slap lightly to even up your application. A makeup brush can also be used for concentrated areas.

No Harmful Ingredients: Formulated with natural keratin hair fiber. It does not contain paraben or sulfate and is peroxide-free.

Long-lasting: The powder is sweat, water, and oil-proof, keeping it dry and long-lasting for the entire day!

Portable & Small - Widely Usage: It comes with its own mirror, and it's the size of a small cosmetic powder, making it easy to put inside purses for an instant touch-up!

How To Use:
1. Open small puff dipped in the right amount, along untidy hair root dipped gently tap, fill out the neat hairline.
2. Or pat shadow powder from shallow to deep at the edge of the hairline, extending hair feeling.
3. According to an individual situation to select the color fill.

IngredientsInstant Hair Volumizing Cover Up Powder

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