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Neck Pain Relief Magnetic Therapy Support Belt

Neck Pain Relief Magnetic Therapy Support Belt

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ractical principles of magnetic protection devices:
Magnetotherapy is the use of artificial magnetic fields in the body’s acupoints, meridians, and suicide attacks. No side effects. Safe and reliable.
Taker’s tourmaline protector series relieves meridians and suicide attacks and massages acupoints with nanomaterial thermomagnets that come into contact with the skin and embedded magnets. It can’t cure our disease, but magnetotherapy increases blood flow and magnetic heating, relaxes muscles and reduces fatigue. 2 Pack Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Thermal Self-Heating Neck  Pad - Massager Belt Neck Support Brace Massager Cervical Vertebra  Protection Humidification and Heating: Health & Personal Care

Made of high quality, breathable latex and cotton. This effective wrap around the neck is gentle on the skin and allows natural breathing while keeping the neck comfortable. You can go to work with you or take it to an airplane.

Take care of their health as a gift to our parents / grandparents / grandparents. 2. People who always sit or work long hours, such as drivers and office workers. Athletes or people who exercise regularly.

Wipe the tourmaline cloth with a damp cloth for a better effect. Physiotherapy is required to maintain the prescribed tourmaline function close to the body. All Universal Design in One Size: This unique model is designed to fit most neck sizes.

Neck Pain Relief Magnetic Therapy Support Belt – Pakistan Mart

At its core is hyperthermia using natural mineral tourmaline, combined with manufactured nanobiofunctional materials.
When the temperature and pressure change, infrared negative ions are continuously emitted. And the effect of thermoelectric microcurrent stimulation on the human body.
It effectively improves blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, activates cellular metabolism, stimulates the meridians, improves the body’s resistance to wind and moisture, and increases resistance to cold pain and disease. The products made are safe, easy to use and have a lasting effect.


  • Brand Name: KLASVSA
  • Item Type: Braces & Supports
  • Effect: Release Pain From Illness
  • Model Number: Tourmaline Neck
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity: 2 Pieces (Limited Time Offer)
  • Item Type: Tourmaline Neck
  • Model Number: Health Care
  • Size: Free Size
  • Feature: Self-heating Magnetic
  • Weight: 30g
  • Keyword 1: Massager Products
  • Keyword 2: Magnetic Therapy
  • Material: Tourmaline Powder, Magnetic Balls, Cotton & Polyester

IngredientsNeck Pain Relief Magnetic Therapy Support Belt

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