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NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Make Up Setting Spray (Long Lasting)

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Make Up Setting Spray (Long Lasting)

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What it is:
With this Make Up Setting Spray (Long Lasting) you’ll no longer have to re-do your make up in the ladies’ loos come 4pm. Simply spray over your face as the last step in your make up routine and it will keep everything looking as fresh and immaculate as when you applied it, eight hours later
What it does:
Available in either a Matte Finish or Dewy Finish, you can choose according to your skin type. With a slew of enthusiastic reviews from happy customers, it's perfect for absolute beginners and seasoned beauty lovers alike.This ingenious spray is like having your own personal make up artist trailing your every move  it keeps your base in place, preventing it smudging or slipping off, so there’s no need to touch up throughout the day. Ideal if you have back-to-back meetings or problem skin that requires long-lasting coverage, there are two finishes.
This contains:
Oily skin types should opt for the Matte Finish for a shine-free canvas, while dry complexions might prefer the Dewy Finish for a hydrated glow round the clock. The clever formula makes your products cling to your skin like a magnet, so your painstakingly contoured and strobe’d features will still be on point come the end of the day.

IngredientsNYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Make Up Setting Spray (Long Lasting)

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