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Rotating Flower Petal Snacks Holder Tray

Rotating Flower Petal Snacks Holder Tray

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Rotating Flower Petal Snacks Holder Tray


When hosting I always like to have variety of snacks and treats for both the adults and kiddos, but I always run into the issue of space…how do I provide so many options without my counter looking cluttered with a million little candy dishes? This nifty flower lets you store and display five (for the one tier option) different snacks in the same cute container! The container is made of non-toxic ABS plastic so cleanup is a breeze. To open the flower you simply turn the small white knob on the top (otherwise known as the stamen of the flower). As you turn the knob, the petal containers of the flower will slowly open – like its blooming just for you! When open you can pack your favorite nuts, candies, fruits, sewing items, small toys, etc…in the petals. Once full, you can turn the knob again to store them away and out of sight…or leave the flower open as a beautiful and colorful display! Depending on the option that you choose, the knob may also open up allowing you to store toothpicks or other small items.!


  • Excellent Value For Money
  • High Quality Product
  • New And unique design
  • Modern
  • Food Candy Holder
  • Flower-shaped Storage Box
  • Material: ABS
  • Features: colorful appearance color design, ABS material, green and non-toxic, creative multi-combination, suitable for weddings, festivals, Chinese New Year and other festive days, home storage multi-purpose.
  •  Made of non-toxic, BPA free food grade plastic, the food storage container is ideal for serving guests or party
  • The candy plates is designed with 5 compartments/grids, can storage 5 kinds of snacks, and food storage is not mixed.
  • The candy box is designed with mobile phone stand. You can watch a video while eating snacks, and enjoy leisure time.
  • Colors Will Be Sent As Random

IngredientsRotating Flower Petal Snacks Holder Tray

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