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SKIN EVER Sea Grape Facial Serum

SKIN EVER Sea Grape Facial Serum

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SKIN EVER Sea Grape Facial Serum Whitening Brighten Moisturizing Shrink Pore Anti Aging Anti wrinkle Face Essence Skin Care 30ml


Rich in sea grape extract, with peptides and multiple repairing ingredients, the texture is refreshing, it can deeply replenish the moisture and nutrients needed by the skin, soothe skin dryness, itching, peeling and other problems, repair the skin, make the skin elastic, shiny, and smooth. 

Net Wt:30ml 


1.Cleaning skin with warm water.

2.Put two to three drops in the palm of your hand and with fingertips apply to face and neck.

3.Gently push up and massage until absorbed.

4.Avoid contact with eyes.


1.If there is any discomfort, please stop using it immediately.

2.Keep this product out of the reach of children.

3.Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or sunshine.

Package included: 

1x Sea Grape Facial Serum


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▶ The face is dry and dull, in bad condition.


Dry and rough ☑ Dull skin ☑ Sagging skin ☑ Fragile skin ☑




Gentle And Easy To Absorb


● Care for your skin carefully


1. Quick replenishment - Deep penetration & Long term Moisturizing


2. Nourish and repair - Rare plant extracts, deep moisturizing, make skin healthy, smooth and delicate


3. Moist and smooth - Enriches and molsturizes, tightens skin and improves fine lines






▶ Activate water power, replenish water and lock water


1.EXTRACTION OF SEA GRAPE- Effectively enhance skin vitality, instantly replenish moisture, strengthen the moisturizing barrier of the skin, improve dehydrated and dry skin, and wake up skin's water power.


2.GLYCINE BETAINE- It has deep moisturizing ability, balances cell osmotic pressure, reduces skin allergies, calms and moisturizes,
and makes the face smoother after use.


3.HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA- Enhance skin cell metabolim, moisturize and resist aging, increase skin moisture, maintain skin elasticity. Anti-inflammatory, nanti-allergic, soothing and shrink pores, and improve blackheads and acne.






▶ The skin is younger every day


1. Effectively improve oily skin - Deeply purify and shrink pores, it can relieve the fragile skin and make the skin elastic and tender again.


2. SKIN MOISTURE TEST - The skin is full and tender




Absorb lt Fast - Sea grape moisturizing facial serum


● Essenoe - Quickly reach the bottom of the skin, faster and more effective than normal essence


▶ The molecular weight of sea grape essence is about 1000-3000 while the molecullar weight of general essence is lawer than 1000D.


Usually when the molecular weight of the essence is 1000-1500D, it can directly penetrate the bottom layer of the skin.


2 Weeks: Relieve dryness and improve dullness


4 Weeks: Fades fine lines, moist and smooth


8 Weeks: Delieate luster, continuous translucent




Want your skin To stay fresh


▶ Refuse ineffective skin care


● General Essence: The texture is sticky, not easy to absorb, and does not significantly improve skin problems.


● Sea Grape Essence: Moisturizing texture, fast absorption, increase skin elasticity, make skin moist and shiny.






1. After cleansing, take 3-5 drops in the palm of your hand or cotton pads


2. Applying evenly on the face until absorbed



IngredientsSKIN EVER Sea Grape Facial Serum

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