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Slim N Lift Mans Body Shaper

Slim N Lift Mans Body Shaper

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Special design for the mens body shaper vest.


1.Low collar design

-Low round collar

-Matching alll kinds of clothing

2.Chest shaping

-Chest tightening

-Can wear smaller clothing

3.Flattening abdomen

-Special weave for abdomen

-Better belly shaping effect

4.No hemming

-Wider hen design

-Will not hemming with big belly

5.Back shaping

-"x"weave under shoulder

-Shaping both chest and back

-Tightening back for a lean appearance

6.Slimming waist

-Special weave on waist

-Slimming waist on both sides

Say Goodbye to Bulging Tummy


Slim ‘N Lift Slimming Vest for Men is a revolutionary tummy slimming vest than can give you that V shape looking figure. Made from a super comfortable fabric, it is the most effective solution for a quick smoothing off unsightly bulges and getting your figure back.Just slip on a pair and watch as the elastic ribbed support flattens and instantly tucks your tummy tuck. The panels firms-up the love handles and gives you that six pack look.

Slim N Lift
Slim N Lift

IngredientsSlim N Lift Mans Body Shaper

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