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Star Silicone Drain Filter

Star Silicone Drain Filter

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Star Silicone Drain Filter


eep your sink sleek and functional whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or just need a drain stopper. This sink stopper features a silicone stopper with star shape design to stop all disposable items. The Star Drain Hair Catcher makes sure no unwanted items go down the drain.

Easily stick it onto your sink or tub drain and watch as it catches food, hair, and other disposable items. This easy to clean silicone sink stopper sticks to the surface surrounding drain of any Bathroom or Kitchen decor.

  • These strainers suitable for any standard types of sewers, sinks or bathtubs.
  • Sucker under each tip keep it in place over the drain without shifting, even when you take a stand up shower.
  • Effective catches hair, food waste and general gunk without blocking water drainage, prevent your drains from becoming blocked.
  • Easy to use, please get wet each sucker first, then attach the suction cup to the surface and eliminate all air in it. And easy to remove it to clean with water.
  • Great home accessories, perfect for kitchen, bathroom, wash basin, drain, bathtubs and showers


Material: Silicone
Colour: Show in picture (Random Colour Send)
Size: 15.7cm/6.18inch

IngredientsStar Silicone Drain Filter

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