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Touchless Soap Dispenser

Touchless Soap Dispenser

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Touchless Soap Dispenser


Touchless Soap Dispenser


An automatic soap dispenser makes a great home gift and an ideal hygienic tool for any public business. By following this review, you can see that you have great options to get it right if you use it both for the family and to provide a service to your customers.

  •  Enjoy Smooth and Funny Bubbles  Lots of bubbles, idea for your kids, it’s a good way to Teaching kids healthy hygiene habits. It is the best gift for your family, friends, children.
  •  A cleaner way to use soap, extra to add to your Washroom Experience Feel more convenient and hygienic when the guest come to visit and use it. No need to touch the bottle any more!
  •  12:1 Smart Foam Soap Dispenser  Thanks to Daskoo Smart Pump, Make the foam soap fully mixed with the air, A perfect ratio of 12:1, Means you can get 13 times of the foam soap, Maximize the decontamination performance of foam soaps, Environmental protection, Built-in superior infrared sensor motion and micro-foam engine, dispense soap quickly in 0.25s, detection can range over 2inch
  • Refillable, Refuse to bundle  Choose your foam soap freely, Save your Money, Stay away from those Expensive Bundled Sales of SOAP INC. You can use any foam hand wash sanitizer or soap refills with this machine, Please do not use these non-foaming Soap or hand sanitizer, otherwise there will be no foam bubbles. Before you use this dispenser, you need to mix hand sanitizer and water, hand sanitizer : water(1:3 or 1:4).
  •  Heroes of Hygiene  Allow Everyone to get some soap, without actually having to touch the soap bar or pump. With automatic soap dispensers, all you do is slide your hand underneath, receive some soap and then wash your hands. Multi-scenario application. The automatic foaming soap dispensers is the right size, beautiful and simple, can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom.

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