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Wonder Laundry Ball

Wonder Laundry Ball

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Wonder Laundry Ball


Wash Wizard Laundry Ball is your complete laundry detergent alternative which is very easy to use – Just put it in the washer with your clothes and run the cycle as normal. It works with both front load, top load and HE washers, and works on any fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon & more. Unlike laundry detergents, it does not contain harsh or toxic substance that could destroy your clothes and irritate your families skin. 

So How Does Wash Wizard Works? Wash Wizard deep cleans and disinfects your clothes using Bio-ceramic technology. This technology naturally raises the PH level of the water, so you don’t have to use synthetic detergent to get rid of the dirt and stains.  

How is it raising the water pH without using “chemicals”? Wash Wizard contain a proprietary blend of mineral-infused bio ceramic orbs that are free from heavy metals and are commonly used in water filtration practices. Some of the properties of the orb makeup include: minerals that emit negative ions that attach to heavy particles such as dirt, alkaline minerals that increase the pH level (which can be around  6.5 to 9 which is the same as most detergents on the market) and minerals that increase dissolved oxygen in the water, brightening stains and fighting against odors. 

The pH level is safe to washer components and septic tanks – there are no added antibacterial chemicals, enzymes, bleach or phosphates. 

Wash Wizard is also unscented, as it is meant to clean your clothes without the need for harsh chemicals. You may put a little amount of detergent for scent. Its outer part is made of thermoplastic rubber, which has good abrasion resistance and tear strength – suitable for heavy duty work.

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